Points won by each set: [ 31-35, 28-19, 26-16, 29-37, 38-30 ]
Points won directly on serve:
29 % McEnroe – 45 of 153
23 % Gerulaitis – 32 of 136

Two years after their disappointing US Open final, they delivered much better match. McEnroe [2] had it under his control throughout, he was quite calm despite losing 3 of the previous 4 matches to Gerulaitis [9]. There was nothing dramatic in two sets he lost – in the opener he was chasing all the time until the first break point occurred in the 12th game; in the 4th set the underdog got a crucial break (at 2-all) thanks to McEnroe’s three double faults. In the decider, Gerulaitis playing tentatively, wasted 9 break points in three different games – he was very unlucky on his last opportunity when McEnroe’s BH volley hit the net-cord twice before dropping on Gerulaitis’ side. On McEnroe’s third match point, he probably hit the intersection of baseline & sideline – Gerulaitis couldn’t agree with the decision that the ball was good, and delayed a handshake with his good friend.

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