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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 31-37, 37-29, 43-42 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    12 % Davydenko – 12 of 99
    15 % Djokovic – 18 of 120

    Three hours two minutes – it’s one of the longest ‘best of three’ defeats in [4] Djokovic’s career. He had his chance to win both sets he lost. In the 2nd set he led 2:1* (40/15), in the 3rd set he led 3:2* (40/0) and 4:3 (30/0), but wasn’t closer to win than three points leading 5:4 & 6:5 before a 1/7 tie-break. Davydenko [8] needed as many as eight games on serve to finally get a point directly behind the serve (but once he did it, it was followed by another two points of this type)! With so many points concluded after gruelling rallies, it’s quite strange there were just two breaks of serve in the entire match. I think the crucial moment came at 3-all in the 2nd set when Djokovic decided to attack the net twice in a row with backhand slices to lose both points and to be broken. Between July ’09 and January ’10, the Russian enjoyed the best period of his career, he was not only winning plenty of matches, he also had his best streak of tie-breaks won in a row (9) and defeated in dramatic matches the Big Three guys: Federer in London (two points away) & Nadal in Doha (one point away).

    Serve & volley: Davydenko 3/5, Djokovic 0/1

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