Points won by each set: [ 27-18, 26-33, 33-30 ]
Points won directly on serve:
24 % Davydenko – 22 of 90
27 % Federer – 21 of 77

When they were facing each other, usually Federer was winning either tight deciding sets or tie-breaks in sets when Davydenko had created good chances to win them. It’s their only meeting with the luck on the Russian side. There was 12:0 in the H2H, Federer led 5:4* (30/0) in the 3rd set after sensational rally as two smashes were exchanged, so it seemed to be one of those matches when Davydenko was within two games of winning (in two sets then) only to lose… Federer missed an easy forehand and all of a sudden Davydenko [7] collected three straight games (witstanding points to lose another games) to beat Federer for the first time in 13 meetings. “As the match wore on I felt better and better but I just could not get it done, though the level of the match wasn’t the greatest,” said Federer [1].

Serve & volley: Davydenko 1/1, Federer 3/3

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