Points won by each set: [ 23-29, 28-24, 25-17 ]
Points won directly on serve:
18 % Federer – 13 of 72
20 % Nalbandian – 15 of 74

Even though it touched a period when Federer [1] was phenomenal, it seemed like a 50/50 encounter, because Nalbandian [3] still led 6:5 in their H2H rivalry, and their two previous meetings were concluded in deciding tie-breaks (split). At the beginning of the match the Argentine didn’t need to do anything extraordinary. He was simply more patient and his kick-serve was very efficient… 6-3, 3:0* (15-all) for him when the Swiss played three great points in a row & it changed the progress of the semifinal. Federer won five straight games in total. There was 2:1 for him with a break when Leonardo di Caprio appeared in the stands and Nalbandian took a medical time-out. He took another one trailing 2:3, but when he was broken for the second time in the set, he suddenly decided to quit – strained abdominal muscle was the reason. Afterwards he said that the injury bothered him since the mid-2nd set.

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