Points won by each set: [ 20-31, 36-31, 27-11, 40-34 ]
Points won directly on serve:
23 % Coria – 27 of 114
18 % Henman – 22 of 116

Henman’s [9] advancement to the French Open quarterfinal was unexpected, but once he reached 1/4, he played a brilliant match against Chela and extended his great disposal to a match against better Argentine – Coria [3] – the best clay-courter at the time. Coria couldn’t deal with Henman’s mixed game-style, and after one hour the Briton led 6-3, 4:2* (30-all). Coria held then, and won 13 straight games! It’s tough to say that Henman was playing badly, simply once the Argentine won the 2nd set, he began to play his best tennis. There was another twist as Coria led 3:0* (30/15) – already at the beginning of the 4th set the French crowd began to cheer for Henman, and finally he snapped the losing game streak, winning several games in succession… so he led 5:3* (30/40) after a forehand winner… three points away from the decider, and the last turnaround occurred – the favourite took the final four games prevailing after 2 hours 47 minutes. The bizarre sequence of consecutive games won… 13 – Coria, 5 – Henman, 4 – Coria.

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