Points won by each set: [ 38-38, 38-22, 46-38 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
39 % Edberg – 41 of 103
23 % Ferreira – 27 of 126

The development of two born in 1971 distinguished players of the 90s (Ferreira & Krajicek) is connected to the Australian Open. In 1991 they reached the fourth round as completely unknown teenagers [ranked 173 & 113 respectively], one year later they advanced to the semifinals as players 46 & 45 in the ATP ranking, participating in their main-level events 29th & 22nd. Each of them showed something special in Melbourne: Ferreira – amazingly powerful forehand, Krajicek – massive serve-and-volley game. Each of them needed to defeat two seeded guys to book his place in the final four, so the fans could expect exciting semifinals consisted of youngsters challenging the best players in the world at the time (Edberg & Courier). Krajicek unfortunately pulled out due to shoulder injury while Ferreira was vigorous only in the opening set. He even led 6:5* (40/15) being a better player on the court when the Swede [1] saved the double set point with service winner & stretch BH volley. Ferreira succumbed the tie-break 2/7, showed signs of discouragement, and couldn’t continue his serve-and-volley tactics turning into an error machine which significantly helped Edberg in controlling the final outcome.
“Jim is a good player,” Krajicek said. “Because I couldn’t play 100%, it would be almost impossible to beat him, and I could have made (my shoulder) worse. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. It was the chance of a lifetime to play the semifinals in a Grand Slam. I don’t know if this will ever happen again. I hope it will. This is the worst possible way to go out.” Krajicek waits more than a year to play another Grand Slam semifinal (facing Courier again!), in contrast, Ferreira waits 11 years for his second and last Grand Slam semifinal.

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