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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: [ 47-44, 39-41, 16-34, 27-20, 29-16 ]
    Points won directly on serve:
    26 % Tsonga – 45 of 168
    17 % Djokovic – 25 of 145

    In retrospect, I’d say Tsonga’s most impressive 5-set win because of two reasons: he overcame the greatest 5-set specialist (already very good 8:3 record at the time) & the king of that event (one-time champion at the time). It was a repeat of their 2008 final, it’s unfortunate for the Frenchman that he hadn’t won such a match two years before because in those years he was the only man (beside Federer & Nadal) who could beat the Serb on a regular basis (5:2 in their H2H after the quarterfinal). Tsonga [10] trailed 2:5, in the following game Djokovic [3] helped a bit committing two straight double faults, but had a set point anyway, only to make a forehand error. He wasted another set point at 7:6* in the tie-break – Tsonga played S&V. The Frenchman was very offensive at the end, obtaining his last two points (10/8) with the help of volleys off both wings. In the second tie-break Djokovic delivered something special at *4:5 winning two points with great speed running forwards to Tsonga’s dropshots. 7/5 for the Serb. In the 3rd set Djokovic played superb tennis, but once the 4th set kicked off, the spectators witnessed a sudden twist – Djokovic began struggling with his stomach which influenced breathing and he took a medical time-out at 0:2. Actually the digestive problem significantly affected him in the first five games of the set. Since he trailed 0:5, he undoubtedly improved, but he felt that he couldn’t play his normal tennis – the injury forced him to risk much more from the baseline & decreased the serve speed. Tsonga didn’t hesitate to finish the weakened opponent off, and quite comfortably collected the last four games.

    Serve & volley: Tsonga 5/6, Djokovic 2/3

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