Points won by each set: [ 30-24, 31-19, 29-22 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
20 % Agassi – 20 of 76
22 % McEnroe – 22 of 79

70th and last Wimbledon match from the 33-year-old McEnroe [30], the former three-time champion of that event… he finished his career with a 59-11 record there. It’s tough to say he played a bad match, simply at the time he wasn’t able to get as many points directly on serve as in the mid 80s when he was the best in the world, and Agassi [14] took mercilessly advantage of that, especially from *1:2 in the 2nd set when he won seven games in a row passing McEnroe all over the place. Agassi fired 30 passing-shot winners in three sets (12 FH, 18 BH) including returns! In 1992 they were members of the Davis Cup team, played together at Roland Garros in doubles and were practicing together during Wimbledon ’92…

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