Stats deprived of five games of the 1st set, 30 out of 35 games included (85%); numbers of aces, double faults & break points valid for the entire match.
Total points [ 42-40, 29-26, 42-37 ]

The third round match on court No. 1, much more interesting in retrospect because played between two future champions of the event (Agassi ’92 & Krajicek ’96). At the time it was quite improbable that either of them would win the tournament because Agassi came to Wimbledon for the first time within a few years, and barely survived the opening round while Krajicek [53] was one of young Dutch guys coached by Stanley Franker, whose potential perhaps looked less impressive than in cases of one year older compatriots (Siemerink, Eltingh). Krajicek seemed to be a one-dimensional boy, mostly depending on his serve, but the serve was already a huge weapon – Agassi broke him only once, at 3:2 in the 2nd set, and it happened after Krajicek had created a triple break point in the game preceding. Agassi was two points away from losing the 1st set at 5-all in the tie-break, and three points at 5:6 (40/30) in the 3rd set… the American won those tie-breaks 7/5 and 7/2.

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