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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 27-19, 25-31, 23-31, 34-31, 29-20 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    44 % Ancic – 61 of 138… 40 % Djokovic – 54 of 132
    Winners by percentage:
    42 % Ancic – 65 of 138… 26 % Djokovic – 35 of 132

    “Yugoslavian” affair on Court No. 2 finished in a rarity – Djokovic lost a five-setter. But he was only 19 year-old at the time and titleless, his five-set record a modest 3:3 afterwards (today it’s astonishing 27-8). The Serb [39] could beat his three years older Crotian [10] friend in four-sets, having a mini-match point at 4-all in the 4th set – Ancic saved it with a 9-stroke rally and got the decisive break at 2:1 in the 5th set as Djokovic was allergically struggling with his eyes (received a medical time-out before being broken). Very few points were played in total |270| considering the number of games |51|… because only four games went to ‘deuce’, and the longest one consisted of just two ‘deuces’ (the last game of the 2nd set)… Djokovic after that 3-hour 24-minute loss, comes back to clay-courts notching his career-best winning streak at the time – nine victories (title in Amersfoort, final in Umag).

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