Points won by each set: [ 31-22, 44-32, 34-25 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
34 % Sampras – 31 of 90
22 % Kucera – 22 of 97

On paper it was very interesting encounter because Kucera [9] had beaten all the best players in the world in 1998, including a sensational win over Sampras at the Australian Open. Sampras was still the best player in the world, but in 1998 he showed first signs of getting old. Maybe it would have been a great match on Arthur Ashe Stadium if Kucera had kept his lead in the 2nd set (3:0*… 5:4 later on). Serving to advance to the semifinals, Sampras trailed 15/40. The entire match was played in difficult conditions, it was a very cold & windy evening.

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