Points won by each set: [ 38-24, 31-16, 43-41 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
45 % McEnroe – 38 of 83
18 % Nystrom – 20 of 110

13 McEnroe – 5 Nystrom – 5 McEnroe: in this unique fashion consecutive games were won by the players following 1-all in the opening set. No-one could expect that Nystrom [11] wouldn’t even take a game for an hour in that night-session encounter because earlier in the ’85 season he’d defeated McEnroe [1] in Dallas, almost repeating it at Roland Garros. Who knows, maybe the 22-year-old Swede would have suffered the bitterest defeat in the US Open quarter-finals if a strange situation hadn’t been occurred as McEnroe “won” a point which gave him *3:0 lead in the 3rd set: having a break point Big-Mac attacked the net, played a winning volley and sat in his chair with chair-umpire’s confirmation of the scoreline. Because of the noisy crowd, McEnroe & the umpire didn’t hear a linesman who’d called McEnroe’s approach shot ‘out’; Nystrom protested, according to him linesman’s voice affected his passing-shot. The umpire agreed, announced “replay the point”, and McEnroe lost his temper. Nystrom improved from *0:2 (break point) to 5:2 (30-all), then in the 9th game he had a set point on serve, but McEnroe forced his forehand error.

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