I’ve been currently adding stats of important matches prepared by myself in a pictorial form. That what is written below, comes from June 2013 when I decided to suspend my previous activity. All majors are already included to the site!

suspendedAfter two and a half years, I’ve decided to suspend updating voodemar.com for an undetermined amount of time. I mean weekly updates in which I was summarising tournaments, besides I won’t be adding posts considering archive majors, however, I will be still adding those majors as sub-pages, and I would like to make all tournaments that left (24) to the end of the year! Generally speaking I’m proud of the work I have done here, all major tournaments of the 80s have been included since March ’12, and most of the 90s. Here are those left to add: ***  (5) Australian Open: 1997, 2004-05, 2009-10  (2) Roland Garros: 2009-10  (6) Wimbledon: 1997, 1999, 2000-01, 2009-10  (11) US Open: 1992, 1996, 1998, 2002, 2004-2010 ***  Some important pages (like Head-to-Head) should be updated after majors. Thanks to all of you who’ve contributed to this site in the past 30 months!! 🙂
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5 Responses to >suspension<

  1. jc says:
    Oh No !
    Too bad, but I understand you.
    Your work is unique on the web.
    We will miss you.
    But we do not not lose hope to see you soon …

    Just for Vous :
    You know : Leszek MOZDZER., I saw him in concert in Paris.

  2. statsman says:
    Sad news. Huge work, mate
    You missed Oz open 2004-05
  3. Joca says:
    Shame to read this but understand you completly, thanks for all hard work and I’m really glad you will finish stories about all majors since 1980.
  4. bry17may says:
    This is a very sad new Voo, but I want to say Thanks a lot for all the info, stats, curiosities and everything. You made a big work and it’s a pleasure to read your comments and opinions.


  5. BILAL FARUQ says:
    oh , This is a very bad new , thanks for all things

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