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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: [ 29-25, 47-48 ]
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    28 % Edberg – 23 of 81
    20 % Pioline – 14 of 68

    Edberg had considerably decreased the quality of his performances & achievements since Key Biscayne in March 1995 and because of that he decided to play his farewell season in 1996. The first few months of ’96 were disappointing, he arrived in Rome with a modest 9-9 record. Actually during that event he rediscovered his form from 1994 when he was still good enough to beat the Top 20 players… In Rome, Edberg [54] first beat Siemerink what could be expected, but defeating Pioline [19] in the following round was quite surprising. In the 2nd set Edberg played the longest, 14/12, tie-break of his career (actually equaled the previous record, Wimbledon ’89 vs Tim Mayotte), saving three set points on serve: 7:8 (high BH volley), 9:10 (service winner), 11:12 (service winner off 2nd serve). With that win Edberg regained self-confidence and played well almost to the end of the season (finished it with three defeats, the last one he suffered to… Pioline).

    Edberg’s records in his last three seasons:
    1994: 60-26 (70%)
    1995: 42-20 (68%)
    1996: 46-26 (64%)

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