Points won by each set: [ 38-32, 28-22 ]
Points won directly on serve:
29 % Noah – 17 of 57
9 % Becker – 6 of 63

The 17-year-old Becker [53] showed in his first main-level semifinal that already at the time he had broader repertoire of shots than the 7 years older Noah [23], but his common volley errors & Noah’s serving maturity made the difference. Who knows what could have happened if Becker had converted a break point at 3:2 in the 2nd set when his forehand missed the sideline by a few centimetres. A moment later he lost a point running forwards-backwards and perhaps it wore him down before another service game. Two years later, Becker as a double Wimbledon champion, easily outplays Noah at Indian Wells, in the semifinal too.

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