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Improbable finalists featured twenty years of Roland Garros: after Wilander, Pernfors, Chang, Berasategui and Kuerten, Martin Verkerk was a man who stunned everyone during the fortnight. Similarly to Pernfors and Berasategui, the long-necked Dutchman couldn’t do anything in the final though, where he met Juan Carlos Ferrero – a player who was preparing himself for that triumph four straight editions. Defending champion Albert Costa enrolled his name to record books spending on court in first five rounds more time (18 hours 32 minutes) than anyone before and after. Read more…
It’s an entry No. 328 here, plenty of information is already contained in on 33 pages, therefore I’ve added a plugin at the bottom of the homepage (in the footer) which allows to jump between the pages. I think it’s a great tool which backs up other helpers like menu’s *Seasons*, and search engines of my sidebar – “search” button, Archives & Categories. Due to new plugin I’ve changed the number of posts per page from 20 to 10.
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