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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Stats without 7 games (33 of 40… 82%): number of aces, double faults & break points valid for the entire encounter

    Points won by each set: [ 37-33, 37-46, 28-22, 28-20 ]

    Court No. 1, intriguing first meeting between the two future best players in the world (Muster ’95, Rafter ’99). Muster [11] was among favourites to win the French Open ’94 (along with Bruguera, Medvedev & Courier), but he couldn’t efficiently play against Edberg, and Rafter – as a player with similar gamestyle – took advantage of that. The Australian [26] displayed big potential with his attacking game on serve, he also proved that could be tricky as a receiver: in the 4th set he broke for the first time with his best forehand on that day, at 5:3* (deuce) played on equal terms from the baseline and finished the longest rally of the match (26 strokes) with an overhead, then converted his second match point with the help of the net… Muster trailed *4:5 (15/40) in the 2nd set, Rafter didn’t even play ‘deuce’ on serve in the last two sets.

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