Stats of the three sets won by Courier. Number of aces, double faults & break points valid for the entire contest.

Points won by each set: | 30-27, 32-37, 40-33, 42-34 |

Sampras [1] lost to Courier [7] just four times in twenty meetings, but I assume he’d like to lose a few times more in smaller events only to get the win in that contest because the French Open ’94 it was the only time when he was considered as a favorite to the title in Paris. Sampras had won three straight Slams then and his form at the time was exquisite – he had won 29 straight matches before losing to Stich just before a Paris in a World Team Cup match which he should have won anyway. During the 29-match winning streak Sampras collected five titles, and what’s the most important – he triumphed in Rome, his first (and last) big title on clay. Furthermore, he had faced Courier twice that year, winning both matches not dropping a set. So he was – along with Courier, Medvedev & Bruguera – a serious contender to the title, no-one could be shocked seeing him raising the trophy given his phenomenal performance in Rome. Also in Paris, especially in retrospect, he displayed good form before the Courier match, ousting in straight sets youngsters who would become the elite players in the future (A.Costa & Rios)… In each of the three “6-4” sets, decided one break, at 1-all, 4-all & 3-all respectively. In the 2nd set, consisted of five breaks of serve, Sampras fought off two break points at 1:3, and he almost (1 or 2 centimetres) led 5:4 in the 3rd set. At 4-all he served at 40/15 and missed not by much his forehand and second serve when the balls were far away from Courier’s range. Also in the 4th set Sampras was broken leading 40/15.

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