Points won by each set: [ 28-20, 33-20, 39-43, 48-41 ]
Points won directly on serve:
24 % Edberg – 30 of 124
21 % Krickstein – 32 of 148

Edberg [3] was either defeating Krickstein [91] with relative ease, or losing to him dramatic matches. That Parisian meeting is something in between: first it seemed like Edberg’s sixth straight sets win in a row over Krickstein (the Swede led 2:0 in the 3rd set, had mini-MP at 4-all), then Krickstein’s third tight five-set win over Edberg was on the horizon as he led 5:2* (15-all) in the 4th. Something very bizarre occurred in the following game – Krickstein began it with 3 consecutive aces, even though he was usually serving just 1 ace per set. After the match Edberg said that probably no-one had hit 3 straight aces against him before. Almost as quickly as he lost those three points, he won another three, saved four set points in that game in total (3 with return winners!). Krickstein failed to make a great comeback that time in Paris, but he improved when they met for the last time two years later in Melbourne.

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