Stats of the first two sets. Number of aces, doubles faults & break points – valid for the entire contest

Points won by each set: | 36-23, 40-48, (64-54) |
Points won directly behind the serve (the first two sets):
17 % Courier – 12 of 70
23 % Stich – 18 of 76

Before the French Open ’91, neither of them even played a major quarterfinal so it was a great opportunity for them both. Courier [9] was more consistent, a wasted set point at 7:6* in the tie-break (Stich played beautiful volley and won 10/8 with an ace on his third set point) didn’t discourage him to continue steady baseline game, and he went unbroken through the two following sets. Stich [12] took a revenge a month later en route to his Wimbledon title (he outplayed Courier in the quarters). Both French Open ’91 semifinals were consisted of American-German pairs (Agassi-Becker in the first semi), and in both cases the Yankees were better. Those pairs could be repeated in the Davis Cup semifinal later that year, but Becker withdrew from the tie (Steeb replaced him).

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