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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: [ 26-33, 37-35, 20-29, 36-21, 40-33 ]
    Points won directly on serve:
    26 % Federer – 38 of 142
    30 % Del Potro – 51 of 168

    Federer [2] was a big favorite in that semifinal having beaten Del Potro [5] in all their five previous matches, including a sensational 6-3, 6-0, 6-0 destruction in the Aussie Open ’09 quarterfinal. The tall Argentinian, however, drew conclusions with his coach Franco Davin – within five months since the bitter loss he improved his serve, and ability of hitting low balls at the level of service boxes (Federer used his dropshots & semi-dropshots many times in their previous matches to control the final outcome). Del Potro went unbroken through the first three sets, but Federer hung in there escaping from *4:5 (0/30) in the 2nd set to win the tie-break 7/2. It happens quite often that a player who holds the serve longer than expected, as is finally broken loses his serve a few times in succession. There was 2:1* for the Swiss in the 4th when he got three straight breaks. Del Potro trailed *0:2 (deuce) in the decider, improved to 3-all (deuce), but Federer broke again and held twice firmly. In their next match Del Potro gets a revenge after quite similar five-setter.

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