Points won by each set: [ 38-45, 27-19, 32-28]
Points won directly behind the serve:
43 % Rosset – 44 of 101
26 % Chang – 23 of 88

Usually when you know the number of breaks, and you know how participants of the contest play, you can assume what could happen in the progress, more or less. That semifinal doesn’t fit to that what can be expected though. The big serving Rosset [16] began the match almost losing three straight service games! Chang [9] led 5:0* (40/15) when the Swiss finally entered the score for himself and raised his arms. The crucial moment came when the American led 2:1 (40/0) in the 3rd set after Rosset’s two consecutive double faults. The Swiss managed to fight off the triple break point quickly (ace – his best volley of the match – service winner), and another break point with an overhead to get his vital break in the following game.

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