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I do not publish a new version of my project Big 3S (Stories, Stats, Scorelines) for the time being, however, I prepared for myself a special, more colorful version of Stories. What’s the main difference between an “old” and a new version of Stories? The former contains 1227 stories, in the meantime I added there 7 stories, plus 27 of this year’s stories – it means that the latter version is called  The History of Men’s Tennis. 44 years in 1261 stories (1968-2011). If you want the book in 2012, just buy it using Paypal or Moneybookers (the price is now 10$… there was 19$ in February 2011), and I will send you a special updated copy with my handwriting signature on your e-mail. Statistical digressions in “1261 Stories” have been updated if required, I’ve changed colors a bit and modified partially the font  (italic quotes like on my blog, upper index for tie-breaks). You will find there 250 small photos of the best players in the Open era (Andre Agassi  appears the most – nine times) emplaced on 350 pages (A4 format), often directly connected to particular stories. Here you can imagine how it looks before converting to pdf. There are three images of women as well (Chris Evert, Tatiana Golovin & Samantha Stosur), on each photo female players with a man of course 😀  The stuff which I could include this year to Stats, you can simply check on my blog looking at the “‘2011 season” page.
It’s a great deal because as you buy it once, I will be sending you updated versions in the upcoming years for free.
 Just as I have done it for people who bought the “1968-2010” version
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