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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    I prepared the stats (except the serve stats) at the time the match was played. Break points: (8) 5/14 and 4/22 (10)…

    Points won by each set: [ 44-39, 23-27, 39-42, 48-51, 50-40 ]
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    41 % Rafter – 86 of 206
    33 % Korda – 66 of 197

    Beautiful match of contrasting styles, perhaps the best one in the tournament history: the Australian constantly attacking the net, the Czech constructing majority of points from the baseline (4/6 in S/V actions). [3] Rafter led *3:2 (40/15) in the 2nd set and 6:5* (30/0) in the 3rd set, Korda [16] served an ace then, and three aces in the ensuing tie-break which he won 7/4. In the 4th set Korda had two break points leading 3:2 (six deuces… the Czech should have converted his second chance), one break point at 4:3 and a triple match point at 6:5 (40/0) – Rafter saved it with three unreturned serves (two off the second serves!). The Australian finished the 7/4 tie-break with two consecutive aces. In the 5th set he led *2:0, 4:3* (40/0) and squandered two match points at 6:5. Korda had two game points to level at 8 games apiece, but he ultimately surrendered on the fourth match point for his opponent (Rafter’s defensive lob), being visibly a physically weaker player throughout the decider. The match lasted 4 hours 17 minutes – the third longest match in the tournament history – 15 minutes shorter than Korda’s victory over Sampras four years before…. When they played their previous match (Queens Club ’95), Korda won it in very similar manner to his Munich loss, but in “the best of three”: 5-7, 7-6(6), 9-7 after 2 hours 25 minutes.

    Percentage of winners in Korda’s three epic GSC battles: 35% Sampras, 34% Stich, 33% Rafter

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