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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 33-26, 33-29, 35-27 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    25 % Spain – 22 of 88
    18 % Australia – 18 of 95

    The Saturday’s doubles turned to be crucial for the final outcome. Actually, if Todd Woodbridge hadn’t been injured, Spaniards wouldn’t have had a reasonable chance to win a doubles rubber. They were still underdogs nonetheless, because Stolle (he replaced Woodbridge) was enjoying the best period of his career as a doubles player (twelve finals in 2000, only three titles). Stolle [3] didn’t rise to the occasion though, being somehow intimidated & stiff as opposed to Balcells [98] – the Spanish journeyman, the least experienced on the court, but the best player on that day. He was in some kind of trance what he emphasised at the end of the 2nd set as the Spaniards won their set point after a 17-stroke rally with Balcells’ six volleys included, the last one winner out of balance as a response to Woodforde’s drive-volley. Balcells went smoothly unbroken throughout the match, his partner Corretja [304] lost his serve twice. “I thought the crowd were pretty disgraceful. I felt like a caged animal out there.” said the 35-year-old Woodforde [1] who retired after the final. Even though he finished the season as the best doubles player in the world, he lost the last four matches of his career…

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