Points won by each set: [ 29-17, 27-9, 27-18 ]
Points won directly on serve:
28 % Edberg – 16 of 57
15 % Wilander – 11 of 70

Shockingly one-sided match two years after their semifinal on the same court which Wilander won in five sets. The 1990 year belonged to Edberg [3], and in that match he had shown what he repeated a couple of times that season – a perfect serve-and-volley display. His 1st serve above 70%, allowed him to do whatever he wanted at the net. Wilander [15], the former number one in the world, who was only 26 at the time, following the humiliating defeat never even played a Grand Slam quarterfinal until he finished his career in 1996.

The break stats should be ‘Edberg (8) 7/12’

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