That semifinal featured enormous number of net-cords behind the serves & unusual turnaround after a relatively short break due to rain…
Points won directly behind the serve:
33 % Safin – 48 of 144
27 % Haas – 45 of 162

It was highly entertaining match in the first three sets that lasted 2 hours 40 minutes. At the beginning of the 4th set, Safin looked much more tired, yet the luck was on his side – he held to open and the rain came during a rally which he won. The match was suspended at 1:0* (15/0) & Safin raised his arms in a redemption gesture. The 40-minute rain delay delivered a brutal exemplification how it can affect both players. Safin came back on court fresh & eager, while his German opponent completely lost the match temperature at the indoor conditions, turning himself into a deflated error machine. Even when he tried destroing his racquet in the 5th set, he failed… Safin had been lucky to hang in there before the rain-break, because in the 2nd set he trailed *1:3 struggling with pain in his thighs. He also trailed *0:3 in the 2nd set tie-break. Haas has played four major semifinals in his career, that was his second & and the closest one to reach the final.

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