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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 34-21, 44-44, 37-31, 43-33 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    19 % Wilander – 26 of 134
    9 % Mecir – 14 of 153

    Mecir was Wilander’s toughest opponent among those who preferred to operate from the baseline. The (Czecho)Slovak had the same basic game-style as Wilander: so he was very patient from the baseline, his both wings were solid, and when in a stable position, passing the opponents it was not a problem for him at all. Therefore when they faced each other, they reflected in a mirror, and the upper hand had a player who enjoyed a better day; the other one was forced to figure something out, pushing the contest into a game of chess. That night on Centre Court, Mecir [5] seemed to be drowsy at the start, as he trailed *0:3 he changed his tactic and almost to the end of the 2nd set, he was regularly applying the serve-and-volley strategy. The sets 3 and 4 were quite similar: Wilander [3] led in them both, first *3:1, then 3:0*, but there was 4-all and 5:6* from his perspective in those sets. Tie-breaks: 5/7 and 7/0. Prior to that match, Mecir had defeated Wilander three times in a row, including an encounter on the same court a year before in the fourth round (also a four-setter).

    Serve & volley: Wilander 9/15, Mecir 18/33

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