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Hi 🙂 (the text below written in 2011-13)
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    • I’m Voo (you can call me VdM if you want) – huge fan of men’s tennis since 1990
    • Tennis is my biggest love, music is the second albeit I don’t play any instruments, I don’t sing either 😛
    • I love watching, playing and writing about tennis –  it’s my passion, my other favorite sports – volleyball (watching), squash & table tennis (playing), when I was younger I used to play often football/soccer and basketball, I appreciate chess a lot but play rarely
  • My hobbies: watching movies (saw a lot in my teenage years; I used to draw then as well), reading humanistic articles/books, hanging out with friends, traveling and learning languages; if you aren’t  fluent enough in written English,  you can communicate with me here also in: Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish & Swedish. Perhaps I won’t reply to your comments in one of these languages, but I can read  them tennis-wise and will reply you in English 🙂
  • In Portuguese, my name (‘voo de mar’) means “sea’s flight” 沃 德 玛
  • The right side picture on my banner:  I’m watching in London the legendary match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut (24:23 for the American in the 5th set at the time) 
  • Treat this website as a supplement to www.atpworldtour.com and MTF. I want to register the current tennis seasons in historical context (making statistical vdm10digressions within the Open era). Weekly summing up or daily when Grand Slam or Masters tournaments are in progress… I’ve been adding older Grand Slam tournaments since March 2012 using articles contained in American newspapers, enriching them with my remarks (blue color). My ambition is to gather here all majors of the Open Era. I decided to deliver comprehensive summary of all majors from the years 1980-2010 (photos prior to 2000 are black-and-white because I wanted to standardize their quality). Why here are shorter summaries as far as the years 1968-1979 are concerned? There are two reasons: first of all the lack of extensive information from the early 70s, especially given the Australian Open, moreover in 1980 begins a new tennis decade in which players, who started their careers in the pre-Open Era, aren’t important in the crucial stages of the biggest events anymore, it’s a fully Open Era time. I’d say that in some sense this website possesses four different levels from a perspective of detailed development: the entire tennis history < years 1968-1979 < years 1980-2010 < subsequent years starting with a year 2011, so the year since I’ve been following men’s events here week by week
  • Browsers for comfortable navigation? Mentioned above the banner. I prepare the website in Opera, ‘1152-864’ resolution, keep in mind that under Internet Explorer my site looks awfully; this is how it looks in my monitor


  • Below my graphical variation about the world of tennis where the “yellow ball” is one’s career. Hundreds of those balls connected with themselves make the history of tennis 😉


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  1. Andreas Trapp says:
    Hi VdM,

    My name is Andreas Trapp from Berlin, Germany. I’m looking for the complete results of the World Team Cup in Düsseldorf since 1978. Do you know a source for this?

    Best regards,


  2. Voo de Mar says:
    Hi Andreas.

    I’ve got all scorelines since 1991. You can check all scorelines since 1996 using http://www.stevegtennis.com/.

    If you want to know scorelines before 1991 you have to work with the official ATP website, but it isn’t the easiest task, a while ago I checked Milan Srejber in 1988 for instance, there are his doubles matches, but his partner is unknown, Casal mentioned as a partner of Kuhnen (it looks awfully) :/, so I suppose to build a solid database you should check also archive newspapers.

    I’ve never seen a compilation of all scorelines since 1978.

    • Andreas Trapp says:
      Many thanks for your answer and help!

      In 1988 Tomas Smid played the double matches together with Milan Srejber.

      I will try to find out the complete scorelines before 1991 the next months… Later it would be great to put them together with your data here on this homepage!

  3. Voo de Mar says:
    If you collect scorelines before 1991, I’ll create subpages, adding them to the “World Team Cup” page.
  4. statsman says:
    response for your tweet – for me the first year of super tie-breaks in mixed doubles: Australian and US Open is 2001
  5. Voo de Mar says:
    Thx, that’s what you sometimes get when you use copy-paste…

    But Australian Open wasn’t played in 2001 with super tie-breaks – http://www.itftennis.com/procircuit/tournaments/men's-tournament/info.aspx?tournamentid=1100000807

  6. statsman says:
    Yeah, but look at the scorelines – none of the nine 3rd set’s matches finished at the classic score, like 6-2 or 7-5. It’s very weird, so i assumed it’s a super tie-break scores (just looks like classic t/b).
    In comparison in 2000 AO mixed doubles competition 13 matches goes to the 3rd set and only three of them went to a t/b (results via IBM pdf draws)
    btw, officially it called ”Match Tie-Break” (not super or champions t/b – this pronunciation frequently comes with the fans)
  7. statsman says:
    Pretty much the same with Federer forgot to shake hands with Nishikori this year in Halle
    2008 Kremlin Cup – Marat Safin forgets the score in his match vs. Noam Okun, not realizing that the match is over
  8. statsman says:
    About your question about “in what year the 20-seconds rule replaced the 25-seconds rule at Grand Slam events?”
    That’s the answer from Stefan Fransson (Chief of Grand Slam Supervisors)(via my mail)
    “The 20 second rule was introduced in 1995, the same time as the Rules of Tennis was changed to 20 seconds”

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