Points won by each set: [ 39-37, 34-21, 43-36 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
25 % Federer – 28 of 108
15 % Davydenko – 16 of 102

Federer & Davydenko played 21 times against each other, and almost on every occasion when the scoreline indicated 4-all or 5-all, Federer found another gear to win the set. This scenario occurred in two out of three sets during their second consecutive US Open semifinal. In the opener the Russian led 3:1* (40/30) when Federer won a rally with the help of two great backhands (I guess majority of players who use one-handed BH, could lose that point already with their first shot). As the Swiss led 6:5* (40/30), the Russian made a backhand error from a position he could win 9 out of 10 points. It was his main problem vs. Federer [1], the Russian [4] simply couldn’t play his right shots at the right time… that’s why their H2H record ended at 19-2 for Federer despite many balanced matches. In the bizarre 3rd set, Davydenko three times led with a break of serve, then had a double set point at 5:4* (40/15) – first he missed a backhand return off Federer’s second serve, on second set point there was a 24-stroke rally and the Russian finally missed his forehand by 5 cm trying to play a winner down the line.

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