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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 38-27, 32-33, 40-39, 29-13 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    21 % Youzhny – 28 of 128
    26 % Nadal – 32 of 123

    Louis Armstrong Stadium: Youzhny [54] was trying to dictate the pace with more aggressive forehand than his usual, and it paid off in the end. Two games were very important in the process when Nadal [2] wasted a 40/0 lead as a receiver: first it happened at 3-all in the opener, then at 5:4 in the 3rd set, so he squandered a triple set point. He also led 5:4* in the tie-break, but the skilful Russian took the last three points which allowed him to play without pressure in the 4th set – everything worked in his favor, and he almost bagelled the Spaniard, who showed signs of belief winning a game to enter the scoreboard in the 4th set… Youzhny was one of Nadal’s toughest opponents in the first few years when the Spaniard became a top player. There was only 6:4 for him in their H2H, but Nadal improved his serve around 2010, and it was a crucial factor for the rest of their encounters; 13-4 in the end with Youzhny having no chance in the last seven meetings (stolen just one set).

    Serve & volley: Youzhny 4/6, Nadal 2/3

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