Points won by each set: [ 52-51, 31-25, 43-36 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
42 % Henman – 50 of 117
32 % Kuerten – 39 of 121

One of the tightest Masters 1K semifinals (the only break at 2-all in the 2nd set) with high quality tennis and anticlimactic finish – Kuerten [4] led 6:5* (15-all) in the 3rd set when Henman [16] quickly gathered ten points in a row to finish the contest after 2 hours 36 minutes. In the opening set the Brit led in the tie-break 5:3, *6:5 (double fault), 7:6 (FH error), 9:8 (overhead) & 11:10 (service winner), but wasted those four set points and facing the third set point committed another double fault. 13/11 it’s the longest tie-break won by Kuerten in his career. In the decider there was one game with a break point as the Brazilian led 1:0 (40/15) – Henman fought the double break point off with two fast serves, overall it was a day of his great service performance. “Maybe I should not have played today,” Kuerten said, referring to a blister on his right ring finger, “I thought I could not play when I went to hit (before the match). But they put on some anaesthetic and it felt better.”

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