2012 summary + US Open 1995

2772 singles matches played in 2012 at the main level (ATP tournaments, Grand Slams, Olympics, Davis Cup, World Team Cup), the most of them unexpectedly won David Ferrer – 76. It was the first year since 2003 with four different major champions, a few particular record have been broken. Check the summary out
Time-line, Ranking by country & Santoro’s specialty are updated
From the beginning of the tournament the final line-up was actually foregone because Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras were far beyond the rest on hard-courts at the time. They met in a big final for the 5th time that year and a slight underdog (Sampras) took the title, simultaneously edging their No. 1 rivalry in 1995. As many as three matches were concluded after retirements of players who led two-sets-to-one. Read more…
US Open ’95 – it’s the last Grand Slam tournament included to my website in November. Due to an off-court period, next month I’ll be adding more than one major per week, ‘2003’ is going to be the first ‘full major year’ here… since December ’12. Circumstances (farewell of three players who’d made their biggest achievements in 2003) caused my decision to summarize that year in 2012. Since 2013, I’ll be intertwining three different decades (80s, 90s and 00s). I’ve estimated that in current pace of work in two years time, the website will have contained 124 archival Grand Slam tournaments  (all of years 1980-2010). Because of that I need to modify a bit the structure of the drop-down menu to avoid a situation that all archival majors aren’t immediately accessible on our screens, thus four different majors will be gathered on one page. Point your cursor on menu’s ‘2-Roland Garros’ and check ‘1982 – 1983’ to imagine how everything will look like in the future.
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