Points won by each set: [ 29-14, 31-19, 36-28 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
29 % Lendl – 25 of 84
13 % Connors – 10 of 73

Connors [4] defeated Lendl [2] in the US Open finals of 1982-83, but in 1985 it was a completely different story – Lendl just entered a period of his three-year domination on the tour while the 33-year-old Connors couldn’t sustain the same high level in the fortnight due to physical tiredness. He was destroyed in the French Open (Lendl 2-6 3-6 1-6) & Wimbledon (Curren 2-6 2-6 1-6) semifinals; the situation almost repeated itself in New York – he lost his serve at ‘love’ as many as five times… admittedly he finally got five games in a set, but he was already trailing *3:5 (30-all) in the 3rd set when gave his all to get two straight games.

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