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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 27-13, 34-24 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    42 % Lendl – 17 of 40
    25 % Courier – 15 of 58

    Courier [2] as one of the best players in the Open Era, obviously defeated many times a few best players of his generation and the previous one*, except Lendl [5]. It worked a mechanism of a psychological advantage over an opponent I guess, because Lendl had easily beaten twice the Courier teenager. When Courier was a Top 10 player he lost to Lendl two times more, winning just five games on both cases (4-6 1-6 in Tokyo ’91). “I feel like I’m hitting the ball cleanly, and serving well,” said Lendl, who faced only one break point in three ’round robin’ matches (he also beat Forget & Novacek). “It is all falling into place.” Despite the bitter loss to Lendl, Courier reached the final which he lost in four sets to Pete Sampras, who had overpowered Lendl in the semifinal… I believe Courier could have got his revenge on Lendl if they had met in the following last three years of Lendl’s career.
    Fastest serves:
    Lendl – 187 kph
    Courier – 179 kph

    * Courier never played against Wilander, even though they spent eight years on tour together (none when they were both at the top of their games)

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