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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Equalled record for the longest tie-break (fourth time in history 20/18)!

    Points won by each set: | 30-24, 58-55 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    29 % Federer – 24 of 81
    27 % Safin – 24 of 86

    Safin [4] had two break points leading 4:1 in the 2nd set. In the record-tying tie-break which he lost 18/20, he wasted six set points (7:6, 9:8, 13:12, *14:13, 15:14 & 17:16). He saved two match points with the help of the sideline, he should have actually lost the tie-break 9/11 because the TV replay showed he sent his forehand wide (the hawk-eye system was introduced the following year)… The record tie-break lasted exactly 26 minutes 38 seconds. “The tie-breaker was very special,” Federer [1] said. “I’ve never played a tie-breaker like it. That was really fun, going back and forth, all big points, match points, set points, and the level of play was high too.” “I was nervous. I was under pressure. Everybody has these moments,” Safin said. “I was starting to get to his serve. I put too much pressure on myself trying to win that tie-breaker. I made mistakes but at least I was going for it. I was enjoying it because I knew if I won the tie-breaker I had a huge chance to win the third set.”

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