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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Not sure about the total points… ATP is not reliable when we talk about stats from the 90s (majors mainly)

    Points won directly behind the serve:
    21 % Korda – 36 of 164
    24 % Bjorkman – 39 of 158

    Korda’s 3-hour 3-minute revange for his quarterfinal loss in the previous Grand Slam event. The Australian Open ’98 may be considered as the only major when Bjorkman had been mentioning among favorites to the title after his stunning ’97 season. Against Korda, the Swede wasted a *5:2 lead in the 2nd set; even though he won that set, Korda’s dominance was rather unquestionable from that difficult moment for himself to the end. It’s the only match lost by Bjorkman in which he squandered a two-sets-to-love lead. Korda’s doping as a decisive factor? Who knows…

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