| Wimbledon 1983-1984 |

fleming_mcenroe_wimbledon_championsIf you want to know the zenith of tennis brilliance of one player as far singles & doubles are concerned you have to go back to Wimbledon in years 1983-84, those two years when John McEnroe delivered the most amazing net coverage with tramelines or without them, having Peter Fleming alongside or being alone on court. There were other cases (thirteen altogether) in the Open era when a player was able to win a major in both, singles and doubles, but only McEnroe did it as a defending champion. By the way, ‘BigMac’ is a lone Open era player to finish a season as No. 1 player in singles and doubles, moreover he managed to achieve this magnificent feat three years in a row (1981-83)! Even though he triumphed at Wimbledon ’84 in doubles, at the end of that year he was replaced (in December) at the top of the doubles ranking by Tomas Smid.
Wimbledon 1982-83                     Wimbledon 1984-85


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