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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Stats without the last 4 games of the 2nd set and the last 4 of the 4th set, 31 of 39 (80%)

    Points won by each set: | 28-22, ?, 25-14, ? |

    The biggest success in career of the 22-year-old Kuhnen [90] after a stunning 5-set win over Connors in the fourth round. The German played a good almost 3-hour match on court no. 1 against his one month older, much experienced opponent. In the 2nd set Kuhnen had to work hard to steal it, Edberg [3] won 8 out of 9 games afterwards. Kuhnen made a ribreak, and held a set point at 5:4* – Edberg saved it with a volley winner and finished the contest with ease in the 7/2 tie-break. Kuhnen played two ATP finals (Adelaide ’89 and Moscow ’93) losing them both.

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