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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: [ 28-21, 48-44, 30-19 ]
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    40 % Berdych – 41 of 102
    26 % Djokovic – 23 of 88

    Monumental achievement from Berdych [13] looking in retrospect. Prior to that semifinal, Djokovic had only led 2:0 in their mutual meetings, now as I’m writing this description of the semifinal six years later, the Serb leads 24:2!
    Berdych overpowered his opponent with fast serves and flat ground-strokes. Djokovic [3] was not able to hit a regular baseline winner in the first sixty minutes of the match! Nevertheless he was close to shift the momentum in the 2nd set. First, Berdych couldn’t capitalize serving at 6:5, then he led *6:2 in the tie-break, and made three simple errors in a row. On the fourth set point there was the longest rally of the match, and Djokovic’s defensive lob was called ‘out’. Thanks to the hawk-eye the point was replayed, and the Serb fought off the 4th/5th set point to create an opportunity for himself. Berdych firmly saved two set points at 6:7 & 8:9 to take the breaker 11/9 after Djokovic’s double fault. It seemed that the 3rd set could be concluded in another tie-break, however, at 4:3 (30-all) Djokovic committed two double faults in a row (!), and Berdych convincingly held the serve to advance to his only Grand Slam final at the age of 25.

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