Points won by each set: [ 32-25, 21-28, 49-48, 41-39 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
35 % Roddick – 49 of 137
33 % Murray – 49 of 146

The tightest four-setter lost by Murray [3] in his career. There was 4-all in the opener with eight easy holds when Roddick [6] took the next two games; then Murray – by many considered as a favorite of that contest – won the first two games of the 2nd set which was crucial. In the 3rd set, Roddick led 5:2* (deuce), but Murray came back to have a set point at 6:5 in the tie-break after two consecutive aces. Roddick saved it with a forehand volley in a 13-stroke rally – one of the longest ones in the entire match. A-Rod also saved a mini-set point at 3:4 in the 4th set with a forehand winner. He squandered his first match point (Murray’s BH pass), but on the second he acrobatically managed to return very good first serve of the Scott, and forced his backhand error attacking the net. The encounter lasted 3 hours 7 minutes, the scores of the tie-breaks: 9/7 & 7/5… Murray led 6:3 in their H2H rivarly afterwards, it’s finished at 8-3.

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