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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Rain interrupted the match for 3 hours 23 minutes with Mac leading *3:2 in the 1st set, after the rain-break he led 4:2, he also had a set point at 5:4* in the 3rd set. It was very long match given the surface, their styles of play and number of sets: 3 hours 13 minutes…

    Points won by each set: | 35-30, 48-46, 45-43 | which means 128-119 in total
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    32 % Edberg – 40 of 124
    40 % McEnroe – 50 of 123

    • MultiStar83 says:
      It is really quite astounding that this match took so long, considering the fact that there were rather few break point opportunities (as you have written: Edberg 2/6 and McEnroe 1/3). This means that there were probably rather few “deuce games” but I have not seen this match completely yet. Also both were serve and volleyers which makes a match normally relatively quick. I can remember matches in the 1990s, for example between Philippoussis and Rusedski or also Krajicek with a similar scoreline that these matches sometimes took less than 2 hours, especially on grass! The pattern was just “service – ace, service – ace, etc…” Not a lot of volleying either. This was the reason they slowed down the surfaces, I believe. People wanted to see more rallies. Today, some people are nostalgic about the “serve and volley” era of the 80s and 90s.
      • Voo de Mar says:
        There were 9 ‘deuce’ games. In the longest game (Mac held to level at 5-all in the 2nd set), Edberg hadn’t break point despite 4 deuces. To some degree number of points in a set may indicate how long it was. In that match the tie-break sets were finished under 50 pts. for both guys which is a standard solution for tie-break sets, nevertheless, not only McEnroe, but Edberg & Becker too, used to extend the breaks between the points to maximum.
        • MultiStar83 says:
          Okay, thanks a lot! 9 “deuce games” in 3 long sets is not very much actually. So, three deuce games per set on average. McEnroe took not always a lot of time between points actually. But in Wimbledon 1989 this was definitely the case. Also in his quarterfinal against Wilander he extended the breaks between points to maximum. In that match there were also a lot of long service games and a lot of service breaks though. They took almost 4 hours (3 hour 52 minutes I think) to complete four sets on grass! And also Wilander served and volleyed much in that match. Score was 7:6, 3:6, 6:3, 6:4 in favour of J. McEnroe.

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