Points won by each set: [ 26-11, 42-49, 32-22, 24-33, 29-14 ]
Points won directly on serve:
19 % Agassi – 25 of 126
17 % Chang – 27 of 156

The toughest match en route to the US Open ’94 title, Agassi experienced in the fourth round against Chang, but it was a fully controlled, short (3 hours 5 minutes) five-setter anyway. Agassi’s first year with Brad Gilbert as a coach (he was still an active player then), and Gilbert taught Agassi how to win matches he’d been losing before. It could be tough to expect that Agassi would survive a match like this one before 1994, against such a quality opponent like Chang. There were two important moments in the contest imo: the first when Agassi lost the 2nd set despite leading 6-1, *3:1 (deuce) – he wasn’t affected by this at all, and began the following set leading 2:0. The second crucial moment came when Agassi lost the 4th set, moving on the court quite poorly – at the time Chang had impressive 17-7 record in five-setters while Agassi just 6-11. The beginning of the decider showed that Agassi was in great physical shape. He got a vital break point at 1-all after hitting his forehand outside the net-post, then improved to 3:1 after one of the best serve-and-volley actions in his career. The crowd was ecstatic when Agassi was on fire after those two points. Perhaps it made an impact on Chang’s resistance, and he didn’t show anything interesting in the last three games. After the match he admitted that physically felt very well in the end, but he was also quite reserved in judging Agassi’s chances to win the whole thing.

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