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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Stats without seven games (73%). Numbers of aces, double faults & break points are correct for the entire match. Agassi [4] hit 24 winners (22 included to my stats). I don’t know whether he played a dropshot winner among those missing two, but he used this particular stroke a lot (from the backhand side) vs Berger [14], and despite not making a direct winner in those games that I saw, he won majority of points as he played it. There was 5-all in the opening set when Agassi notched an 11-game winning streak not facing a game/break point (dropped just seven points in the 2nd set). Berger needed seven deuces on his serve to stop the rot at 0:3 in the 3rd set.

    Jay Berger – a man known for the most unusual service motion among Top 10 players of the Open Era, and the one who finished his career at a very young age. He was only 24 when called it a career due to chronic knee problems. After that loss to Agassi, he showed up only at four tournaments (Stockholm ’90; Sydney, Aussie Open & Philadelphia ’91). He was No. 18 when he played his last ATP match, 1-6 2-6 to Kevin Curren.

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