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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 37-37, 30-11, 28-35, 33-21 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    32 % Ruud – 35 of 108
    29 % Khachanov – 37 of 124

    Perhaps a lifetime opportunity for them both to reach the US Open final. They were both nervous in the opener, first Ruud [7] led with a break, then Khachanov [31]. At 4-all the Norwegian saved a break point, he won a crucial point to lead 6:3* in the tie-break when the Russian, instead of playing a fast flat shot, decided to deliver a soft lob to Ruud’s backhand side. On the third set point, at 6:5 there was a 58-stroke rally and Ruud prevailed it. Afterwards he was controlling the rest of the 3-hour match, in the 3rd set which dropped, he didn’t put himself in a position to finish in straights. Following the victory, Ruud became the best player in the world in the “live ranking”, something which seemed hugely unlikely when the season had kicked off.

    Serve & volley: Ruud 1/1, Khachanov 4/7

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