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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 41-43, 34-26, 25-9, 41-44, 29-19 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    22 % Alcaraz – 33 of 150
    31 % Tiafoe – 51 of 163

    Crazy stuff – Alcaraz [4] played his third consecutive match on Arthur Ashe Stadium during the night session, and for the third time his match was finished after midnight while in second consecutive match he lost two tie-breaks (this time 6/8, 5/7)! In the two sets lost to Sinner, Alcaraz was respectively 1 and 2 points from winning them, against Tiafoe the order was reverse: 2 and 1. There was 5:4* (40/30) in the 4th set when Tiafoe [26] perfectly responded with a BH dropshot to Alcaraz’s BH dropshot (19 strokes in total)! Earlier, the Spaniard led with a break twice. In the decider he lost an advantage of a break again, yet he broke at ‘love’ at 2-all and controlled the rest of the match, converting his 4th match point when the American netted his backhand standing on his forehand side of the court. Tiafoe finished the event with a 8-0 record in tie-breaks, better than anyone before (Sampras had 7-0 at US Open ’00), but his 5-set record is still abysmal, 4-12 (25%).

    Serve & volley: Alcaraz 2/2, Tiafoe 1/1

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