Points won by each set: [ 28-38, 28-32, 30-22, 34-29, 34-31 ]
Points won directly behind the serve:
17 % Fognini – 29 of 167
21 % Nadal – 30 of 139

Fognini’s [32] incredible, magical performance, one of the best I’ve ever seen. He had beaten Nadal twice on clay earlier that year, but when he was trailing 0-2, *1:3 (15-all) his victory seemed completely improbable given Nadal’s [8] record at majors after winning the first two sets (151-0). In that particular moment the Italian argued with the chair umpire and turned the things around winning three consecutive games in very good style. He came back from a break down in the 4th set too, as he trailed *0:2 (15/30). The 5th set was epic – from 1-all there were seven breaks in a row. Sixth break occurred when Fognini led (40/0) at 4:3 – it required 5 deuces and running all over the place from both players – Nadal was running more, acrobatically stretching a couple of times to defend himself with moon-lobs… he won the battle, but lost the war – that game cost him a lot of energy. At 4-all he couldn’t deliver a good serve while Fognini – fresh like a daisy – hit four straight winners, two of them absolutely phenomenal. In the last game of that 3-hour 46-minute encounter Nadal levelled from 0/30, but made two uncharacteristic errors in the end, and Fognini’s accepted arguably the biggest win of his career like nothing particular happened.

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