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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    Points won by each set: | 52-46, 25-10, 45-42, 37-34 |
    Points won directly behind the serve:
    33 % Federer – 46 of 137
    24 % Blake – 38 of 154

    An exciting match in electric atmosphere on Arthur Ashe Stadium at night session when both players were at the top of their games. It was very bizarre 4-setter in terms of its progress. In the 1st set tie-break Federer [1] led *4:1, but saved three set points (4:6, 6:7) with authority and Blake [7] seemed discouraged losing another tight set to the best player in the world (6th time they were tied at 5-all and the Swiss put 7 in front of himself again). For another hour Federer was doing on the court whatever he wanted, but squandered his big chance to demolish Blake (3:2, 40/0) – nevertheless he broke to lead 5:3 (30-all) having won 10 out of 12 points, so he was very close to make almost a copy of their recent Indian Wells final. Blake somehow managed to break back and won his first tie-break against Federer on his 5th set point withstanding a match point at 8:9 (Blake’s brilliant BH down the line, under pressure he usually couldn’t play like that off his left wing). The 4th set brought another twist: Blake led 1:0* (40/0) only to find himself at 1:5 (0/30)! Then he began a crazy chase, but with his terrible five-set record it was very tough to believe he’d produce a miracle comeback. He had a break point to level at 5-all, but that time his BH down the line (off the return) deserted him totally. The tie-breaks: 9/7, 9/11 – Federer’s toughest match en route to his 3rd successive title in New York.

    Serve & volley: Federer 3/3, Blake 6/9

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