Points won by each set: | 32-37, 27-17, 43-44 |
Points won directly behind the serve:
28 % Agassi – 28 of 100
31 % Wheaton – 31 of 100

Very important match in [20] Agassi’s development. It’s remarkable that he was 24-years-old at the time with two huge titles (Masters ’90, Wimbledon ’92), yet he hadn’t won a match in the deciding set tie-break, and a match from MP-down (if we don’t count his win over Perez-Roldan in a dead Davis Cup rubber); against his tough opponent, Agassi managed to do both at once. He led 4:2* in the 3rd set, but when he dropped a few quick games to be *4:5 (15/30), his loss was very plausible. Wheaton helped a bit then sending his solid BH return wide off Agassi’s normal second serve. In the tie-break Agassi led *4:1, but Wheaton [68] had a match point serving 6:5 – he missed his big serve by inches (could have been an ace), and Agassi produced a forehand winner off Wheaton’s second serve. Another MP at 7:6 for Wheaton, was erased by Agassi’s ace down the T. On Agassi’s first MP, Wheaton sliced his 1st serve and Agassi’s powerful return caused a volley error… A few months later Agassi will be less lucky in very similar match against Ivanisevic in Stockholm – also saves MPs at 5:6 & 6:7, but leading 8:7 watches an ace from the Croat.

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