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  1. Voo de Mar says:
    17 of 33 games included to the stats (51%)

    A 2-hour 40-minute shocker: Lendl, as a 2-time defending champion, who’d played the finals in the previous four years, was an overwhelming favorite against his six years younger opponent [21], who had not even won a clay-court title entering the contest, and that quarterfinal in Paris was already Svensson’s career-best achievement at the time. Nevertheless the circumstances were very specific: a chilly weather, which suited to the man from Scandinavia, moreover, outside the stadium there was a loud demonstration of dissatisfied workers, which bothered the best player in the world… Lendl led 5:3* and 5:4 (30/15) in the opening set, also 5:2* in the tie-break (lost it 5/7). In the 2nd set he squandered a double set point at 5:4* (40/15) with two forehand errors. After stunning turnarounds, Lendl found himself 0-2 in sets instead of 2-0, and what’s even worse for him, he began to struggle with a right-shoulder injury – the Swede took opportunity of that in the 3rd set winning it easily… Even though Svensson did not capture a clay-court title in his career, he advanced to the Parisian semifinals for the second time two years later.

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